Eva Jinek shows a different side of herself in a cute childhood photo

Eva Jinek shows a different side of herself in a cute childhood photo

“This is me with our beloved hamster, a little before we moved from America to Holland,” Eva writes with a photo in which she holds a notebook in front of her, a pencil and a hamster in her hand. This photo was taken exactly 33 years ago this week. “Every year, this week, I fantasize about the life I would have lived and who I would have been if we had stayed there. When I actually sit down, this visualization is a bit like time travel in a parallel universe,” she shared in the post.

Although Eva admits that sometimes things get “ridiculous and superficial” in her head, she really enjoys her imagination. Eva often sees herself as a cheerleader in an American high school. “I have bronze legs and neat white sneakers, bags of metallic balls in my hand, I’m doing a double somersault from a tower of people, and a white jacket with the letter E writhing a little, showing my six packs. Miraculously, however, my hair doesn’t stick to the thick layer of cherry swirl lip gloss on my mouth.Do you understand?’ She shares it with her followers who are fully involved in the story.

Kim Cotter wrote: This would be a great carnival costume. What beautiful memories and imagination. Aaf Brandt Corstius Hadewych Minis also left a comment: ‘This is crazy Attractive.’

Eva recently missed her talk show for a week due to her infection with the Corona virus. Exactly that week a climate activist decided to stick himself at the table. Fortunately, her replacement Beau van Erven Dorens resolved the situation well:

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