Glenys Grace could remain a member of the Soul Ladies: ‘Discomfortable Mix of Circumstances’ | Displays

Glenys Grace could remain a member of the Soul Ladies: 'Discomfortable Mix of Circumstances' |  Displays

After a period of self-reflection, Glennis shared a personal message in which she sincerely apologizes to all those involved in the incident at a supermarket. They also take responsibility for their share. As Soul Ladies, we clearly regret the incident and have reserved to communicate out of respect for all involved.”

According to the group, it is a “very disturbing combination of circumstances that should not have happened”. Justice is conducting thorough investigations and we are counting on that. It may take some time before the investigation is complete. Our concerts are scheduled for September 23 and 24 and will continue. Glennis has been a valued member of the Soul Ladies since day one and we hope she will be there by then.”

Since 2013, the spin-off band, which performs a series of shows on average once a year, consists of Lewis, Rumbley, Grace and Dolfer. Until 2017, Trijntje Oosterhuis was also a part of it, but left the group.

Grace, who was imprisoned for three days in February, first came on Friday night back extended On violent accident Which she got engaged in early February. In an Instagram video, she offered her a “sincere apology” and said she acted out of maternal instinct and emotion, when she should have counted to ten.

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