German TV chef and ‘herb artist’ (73) falls from pedestal: ‘My work in my life is ruin’ | show

German TV chef and 'herb artist' (73) falls from pedestal: 'My work in my life is ruin' |  show

Alphonse Schuhbeck (73), one of Germany’s most famous TV chefs, has been imprisoned for more than three years. This afternoon’s celebrity cookbook author and entrepreneur was found guilty of surreptitious evasion of more than 2.3 million euros in taxes. Local media wrote that he led his career “at full capacity” to collapse.

“I know what I did was wrong,” said Shubek in his final speech in front of the Munich courtroom. Another defendant, with whom he directed millions to two of his restaurants between 2009 and 2015, was given a one-year suspended prison sentence.

Businessman Shopbek, better known as the Spice Artist, made a confession earlier. “I deceived myself, my friends, my acquaintances, as well as my lawyers to the very end because I did not want to admit the failure of my work,” he said. Sueddeutsche Zeitung. His life’s work was now a “ruin” and if he could undo his crime, he did it on the spot.

Alphonse Schuhbeck (left) with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2019. © BrunoPress / Wenn

The Public Prosecution demanded four years and two months in prison. But given his confession and affair record, Shopbek’s lawyers believed that the suspended sentence was sufficient. They argued that he opened shops and restaurants with enthusiasm and then forgot about the commercial aspect. “The peak of the fall is severe,” said one of his lawyers.

Alphonse Shubeck in court today.

Alphonse Shubeck in court today. © AFP

The prosecutor found that he showed “a lot of criminal energy,” writes zeit. He made the other defendant write a computer program to manipulate the cash registers at his restaurants and took a total of about €5 million from the cash register. He drove that ‘full power into the accident’ through his career, VAT from the mirror together.

He now has to repay 1 million of the 2.3 million euros in tax debt. The cook can still appeal, but that’s according to punt It is unclear if he does.

Alphonse Shubeck.

Alphonse Shubeck. © BrunoPress / Action Press

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