New cars will not be allowed to be released in the EU from 2035 | Economie

New cars will not be allowed to be released in the EU from 2035 |  Economie

All new cars sold in the EU in 2035 must not contain CO2 emissions. The European Commission, the European Parliament and member states reached an agreement on this Thursday evening.

By 2035, no new fossil-fuel cars will be allowed to be sold in the European Union. For example, cars and vans must be electric or hydrogen-powered. According to VVD MEP Jan Huitema, who was involved in the deal, the auto industry is now forced to bring clean cars to market.

“With cars and vans remaining on the road for an average of 15 years, action needs to be taken quickly. The car is the only mode of transportation that can quickly convert to electricity or hydrogen and the market is already ready for that.”

He says the deal is also good news for motorists. “A lot of people want to drive cleaner, but they can’t buy an electric car. This deal will make new zero-emissions cars cheaper, and the used car market will open up faster.”

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans believes the industry can make the change. “European car manufacturers are showing that they are bringing more and more affordable electric cars to the market. The pace at which this has happened in recent years is impressive.”

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