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This is something similar but even me Zettler faced. It’s free and open source software (open source), and I think it has an added value. Some little things that bothered me I modified myself on Github, and now everyone can benefit from them.

I don’t want anything more from Markdown, nor do I want to go back to an app that fetches its vendor database. The app only needs to be able to work on markdown files. This way you can complete projects and collaborations, and then everyone can bring their own editor: Zettlr, obsidianAnd the logseqAnd the dendroneAnd the typographical/Mark text (It’s good to write notes but other functions are a bit lacking) And many other things.

With Zettlr, you can open multiple folders (or “projects”) for notes. I also have a folder open in my Nextcloud folder. cross Nextcloud server notes You can then edit the notes online. In addition to that, you also have an Android app called Nextcloud notes. In short, everything is synced between your desktop, smartphone and browser.

If I had no interest in FOSS and plain text only, I would have done it Concept want to try. It looks like they’re using that on Pixar, too.

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