GeForce RTX 3080 12 GB video cards appear for 1520 to 1800 euros – Computer – News

> Selling directly to consumers,

Useless… The only thing that can stop you from it are the little ones who buy some tickets at full price.

The rest goes straight to the store: we want to buy 100 tickets and drop them, they leave through the back door because they don’t even appear on the site/store shelves.

The slightly larger one goes directly to MSI, etc., we want to buy 10,000 …

Hell, Nvidia sells itself directly to miners who deposit a few million. The big miners themselves only buy GPU cores from Nvida and make their own cards in China. Much cheaper than retail buying. And you have custom maps for mining.

AMD and Nvidia themselves have no uprising to stop this. Profit + bonuses are short term goals. Chaos later on.

I hate to say it, but as a player you are not a target audience. Miners are the target audience now, because they buy in bulk and give bigger margins. You as a player, well, what are you going to do about it?

* Either you buy at full price = extra profit margin for all parties except yourself.
* Either you buy in a year or two or three, because at some point you have to buy. Because your GPU is crashing, too old, or the price is finally dropping.

The only fear people have is that miners will dump the GPU in the market, but in practice this does not happen very often. Because there is always new cipher for me. If you stop with Bitcoin being the only one, yes, the market will crash, but this mining market will sustain itself by constantly creating new coins and as long as real cash keeps flowing into the bubble, it will.

And what is the period? Well…everyone (including me) was sure that one day it would collapse. But this does not happen. Just like the house price bubble, it keeps growing year after year. Yes you have corrections but then it trips. The same effect can be seen with Crypto. The new stock market bubble.

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