Gamer buys Nintendo stock to complain about male characters in Splatoon 3

Gamer buys Nintendo stock to complain about male characters in Splatoon 3

It appears that a gamer has complained to a Nintendo shareholder meeting about the treatment of male characters in Splatoon 3.

According to the site GLHF Guy complained that the female characters in the game would get preferential treatment, including because they would get cooler poses and hairstyles. “The company has turned its back on the Splatoon guys, and I’d like to see that get better,” said the man.

According to the man, the attention was evenly distributed in the first two parts, but Splatoon 3 has many more options for customization and it is much more interesting for the female squid. In addition to the poses and hairstyles, he also complains about symbols and emotions, which he says look much better on female characters. “I get really sad when people say, ‘If you want to play as a boy, you’re not going to enjoy Splatoon 3.'”

It appears that the man had saved money privately to buy the shares, so that he could make this complaint during the shareholders’ meeting. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa interrupted the man because his question was too long, but he didn’t let that stop him. At the end of the speech, Furukawa thanked the man for playing and sharing his opinion and moved on to the next question without going into any substance.

On Twitter, the man showed the letter he had prepared, as well as the “evidence” he wanted to show Nintendo.

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