Friend Emma Hester cheats again

Friend Emma Hester cheats again

It appears that Wesley Hodt, Emma Hester’s boyfriend, has cheated again. Juicechannel leaked a racy conversation between Wesley and another lady. Although Wesley has changed his name, he himself sends evidence that it relates to him. The channel wrote in pictures: “He was smart enough to change his name, but he was dumb enough to send a picture.”

Rumors of Wesley’s infidelity have been circulating for a year now. Last year, after vacationing with Emma, ​​he traveled with his friends to Ibiza, where a few things could have happened. “He took home one chick after another during the evenings out,” Yvonne Coldweger said on Instagram at the time. “According to a spy, he went upstairs with a girl one evening, went down again after the deed, took the lady outside, and promptly threw himself on the next girl as he entered.”

Cheated again

Emma denied that Wesley cheated, but admitted that they sometimes got into “sudden fights” with each other. She didn’t say what it was all about, but it looks like Wesley has cheated again now. “We again received messages from a lady talking about having sex with her,” Juicechannel reports on Instagram. “You act sneaky on Instagram, but you act wild on Snapchat.”

There is no photoshop

In a Snapchat conversation, which Juicechannel shared on Instagram, Wesley sends spicy messages to another lady and even wants to meet her. According to the channel, the lady deliberately pretended not to be sure if Wesley was and asked him to send a picture of himself as evidence. When it does, you decide to take a screenshot. Juicechannel rates that, too Instagram stories. Before we get “photoshopped” in response again. Here is a screenshot of the conversation.

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