Traitors saboteurs want to immediately get rid of a weak ally: “He is very suspicious” | Displays

Traitors saboteurs want to immediately get rid of a weak ally: "He is very suspicious" |  Displays

spoilersIn the new season of traitors He went straight to the point on Friday night. Where the three TV game spoilers usually work closely together, they weren’t happy with one ally. His poker face will be badly bad. “Kak, because of him we are already a few points behind.”

Spoiler alert. Note, this article contains the end of this episode

The wind bypasses his face, a hand on his shoulder. Chris Cross DJ Sander Huisman holds his breath. In the first episode of the ratings hit traitors He is designated as a saboteur. “I explode from within, my heart rate goes up, the adrenaline is pumping through my body, and I have to get this under control.” But as soon as the blindfolds of the so-called round table break out, this intention only works in moderation. At least half of the 20 fellow candidates can see how nervous Huismann is at the round table. He looks around with wide eyes. “He’s a thousand percent traitor,” says hockey player Nour El Amrani. “He was very nervous and not normal.” Radio DJ Giorgio Hoekstam also agrees: “He had such hats, like he was at a festival.” His brother and Kris Cross’s other half Jordi Huisman, who’s also in the game, has doubts, too: “I think I’d see Sander if he was lying, but I also think he’s the best liar among us.”

Sander Huismann has been deemed a traitor and is trying to keep calm.
Sander Huismann has been deemed a traitor and is trying to keep calm. © RTL4

In a game of cunning and psychological deception, a group of famous Dutchmen compete for a silver treasure of up to forty kilos. Among them are three traitors who want to keep the loot for themselves and are allowed to kill the so-called “faithful” every night after secret deliberation in the castle tower.

Throw in front of the bus

In addition to Sander Huismann, the opera singer Maria Vesseler also became known on Friday evening Dear singers, and performer Katinka ‘Tinkebell’ Simonse has been identified as a fraud. It soon became apparent that the traitors had had enough of their weak ally. Vesseler: ,, Kak, because of him we are a few points behind. He’s a suspect.” In her head, the singer immediately flips the switch: “I don’t want to play with him.”

Simons went one step further. She will not hesitate to throw all of her allies under the bus. “I am a chief traitor. That pile of silver will soon be mine,” she said firmly. “My fellow traitors think we are equal, that we do it together, but of course we are not. In the end, the idea is that I will betray my fellow traitors.”

Although half of the group suspected Sander Huismann of being a traitor, he thought he was safe. “I feel like a fish in water,” he told broadcaster Tegel Picand. “No one doubts me.”

Katina Simons
Katina Simons © RTL / Jasper Swick

New: Death List

The new season, which took place in the French castle of De Beguin in Lurcy Levis, 300 kilometers south of Paris, had another twist in store. The three traitors were not allowed to kill a fellow candidate on the first night. They had to put together a kill list, a new element in the TV game, the consequences of which are still unclear. The final will also be different than before. From now on, the faithful can only win the silver treasure if they play all the traitors in the house.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Tegel Picand, the participants are more tactical than ever. He told this site that they are trying day and night to expose each other. Participants sometimes act just like prisoners. They agree on codes with each other, eg “Turn off the light in your room at 9 pm, I know you are a loyal person.” The group is thought to be more ruthless. “Once they set foot on the threshold of the castle, they transform to a pack of hungry wolves.”

Mary Fisher
Mary Fisher © RTL / Jasper Swick

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