Freddy Freeman delivers as the Braves advance to the NLCS

Freddy Freeman delivers as the Braves advance to the NLCS

Freddy Freeman returned from Josh Hader in the eighth inning to give Atlanta Braves The lead in a 5-4 victory over Milwaukee Brewers.

Charlie Morton, who had started a three-day break, quickly found himself in trouble when he hit Colton Wong with a 2-1 ball break and then allowed Louly Adams one song to deviate from Dansby Swanson’s gauntlet. Morton came back and hit Christian Yelich for the first time and then Avicel Garcia retired in a great game by Austin Riley for the second time. Morton then hit Rowdy Tellez to tie the contestants.

Dansby Swanson led the match by doubling the ground base to the left center but the Braves couldn’t do anything with him. They threatened again against Eric Lauer in the second as Adam Duvall led by a single and then advanced to second on a solo outing from Travis D’Arnaud. Guillermo Heredia then put up a fly ball to Yelich in the left who caught him on the run and back into second to double Duvall who was running on contact. This was the second game in a row that Duvall made a rule error.

Morton retired at the age of nine in a row but found himself again in trouble at the fourth. Garcia led the half alone. Rowdy Tellez flew first but Morton issued a free pass to Luis Urias to put the runners in first and second. Omar Narvez followed up with a one-kick in the middle as Garcia scored to give the Brewers a 1-0 lead.

Jesse Chavez took charge of the hill for Morton and allowed Lorenzo Cain’s singles to score 2-0. Having moved Sacrifice by Lauer Cain to second, Chavez Wong walked to load bases, but hit Adames to limit damage.

Morton did well overall but wasn’t as sharp in the short break. He allowed four hits, a walk and two runs in 3 1/3 innings. He hit five while making 69 throws.

The Braves finally broke through the first in the fourth, but it wasn’t without controversy. Riley led the half alone. Then Adam Duvall appeared in a sloppy area behind the house board. Narvaez chased her down but the ball bounced off his gauntlet and hit Orias, who was also watching the play. The replay showed that the ball hit the ground before settling into Urreas’ glove.

The judges gathered as if they were going to review the play but Duval was disqualified because only Musk / There are no playable catches on the field. So when the dust was cleared, the Braves initially had a feud with one. Then Jock Pederson missed in the second game. Lauer then issued a two-way outing to d’Arnaud and then hit Heredia with a pitch to load the bases.

The Braves initially sent Orlando Archia to the plate to hit him with a disc but Craig Counsell summoned Hunter Strickland to the right from his chair. Snitker replaced Arcia with Eddie Rosario who made a solo run to the center to tie the match.

With two left-handers due for Milwaukee in the fifth inning, Snicker still chose to go with right-hander Huascar Inoua. Individual Yilish to lead the half. Ynoa hit Garcia first but then gave up a massive home race to Tellez to make the score 4-2.

Ynoa marched on Urias but retired Narvaez on a plane and then hit Cain to escape further damage.

Once again, Atlanta answered again in the first half. Aaron Ashby took charge of Strickland and hit Freeman to start the half. Then Ozzy Albis hit a single. Ashby then walked with Riley on four pitches to put the runners in first and second. Then he hits Duval in the elbow 1-2 to load the bases.

Pedersen was influenced by Orias in third who finished second but the relay at the start was not in time. Alpes scored in play to reduce the difference to 4-3. D’Arnaud followed with a one-hit to the right which scored Riley to tie the match again with a 4-4 score.

AJ Minter replaced Ynoa for sixth and retired the side to hit Manny Pina and Kolton Wong to start the half and then Adames with a light kick to the right.

Ashby stayed in the game with Milwaukee and Rosario retired on a defender then hit Swanson looking. Freeman followed him with one song to the left on the 0-2 fastball. Counsell stuck with Ashby against Albies’ right-handed hit that took the center position. Freeman moved to third in the play to put the runners into corners by two strokes.

Counsell would go to the bulls again, but this time he brought in second game writer Brandon Woodruff, who had Riley finish third on his first pitch to leave the runners stuck.

Minter hit Willisch to start on the seventh and then make way for Luke Jackson. It was a light performance by Minter who hit three of the four hits he faced. Jackson hit the door retired Garcia on a broken racket and then hit Telles looking with a 3-2 fastball on the outside corner.

The Braves got the lead man in seventh when Duvall arrived on a pop-up that somehow fell between Woodruff and Tellez. He was moved up to second on the ground by Pederson but Woodruff hit De Arnaud and then had hitter William Contreras sent off to Adames at short notice to finish the inning.

Tyler Matzek, who has featured in every game in the series, made another goalless appearance in eighth place. Matzik allowed only three hits, two walks and seven hits over 5 1/3 innings in the series.

Counsell went with his closest in eighth with deserving of the top of the Braves standings. He hit Rosario and then had Swanson chase a third hit in the dirt for the second time. This sparked Freeman who jumped all over the first court slide and led her out in the go-ahead run to make it 5-4.

Will Smith took the lead in ninth and allowed a single for pinch hitter Eduardo Escobar. Wong then made the inexplicable decision to attempt the beating and take her to Arno’s for a second time. Smith then beat Adames and Yelich to end the game and the series.

Atlanta wins the series 3-1 and advances to the NLCS for the second consecutive season. They will face either Dodgers Or the Giants in Game 1 Saturday.

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