Almost 40% increase in corona infections due to the “autumn surge”: see the situation in your municipality here

Een coronatest

RIVM has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the past week. In our region, the number of corona infections increased by 39.5 percent in the past seven days compared to the previous week. That relates to 2,042 new positive tests in the region in one week, compared to 1,464 positive tests in the previous week. See here how high the increase is in your municipality.

According to RIVM, the number of tests performed has also increased, but the number of positive tests has risen faster. This indicates that the virus is likely to spread more widely. RIVM reports: “It appears that the expected increase in the Corona virus has begun.” More corona is also found in the sewer gauge and in the infection radar, where people fill in what they feel, more people are measured with complaints of corona.

“Respiratory viruses spread more easily in the fall and winter,” explains Susan van den Hove, an epidemiologist at RIVM. “When people come back indoors more and have more contact inside, sometimes without good ventilation. It’s also why we see more colds and flu in winter than ever.”

The map below shows the size of the Autumn Increase in your area.


The Evangelical Belt

The number of coronavirus infections is on the rise, especially in areas with a low vaccination rate, according to figures from the National Institute of Retroviruses. So experts discuss local measures, such as the local reintroduction of the meter that is one and a half meters away. “In the area known as the Bible Belt in the Netherlands, among other things, we know that a large part of the population is not vaccinated for initial reasons. That is, because it is an effective means of prevention, because other alternative means should be given priority if you still wish in protecting the population,” says epidemiologist Arnold Bosman.

Find out where the most positive tests were reported in our region today

The latest RIVM numbers in our region show that the most positive test reports were released on Tuesday in Hardinksfeld-Giesendam (54.3), Brill (45.9), Placerdam (44.7) and Mullenlanden (43.1). This number represents the number of positive tests per 100,000 population.


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