Frans Bauer rips Den Bosch on a motorbike when he was 85

Frans Bauer, 37 jaar ouder (Beeld: Videoclip Frans Bauer)

New song and new video for France Bauer. In ‘King of the Party’, the singer from Fijnaart is almost unrecognizable, as he can be seen as an 85-year-old who is participating in a bored bingo game.

Despite his numerous wrinkles and big belly, he is still unmistakably French, because after he is served a beer, a smile emerges as he races happily on his scooter along the terraces of Sint-Jan in Den Bosch.

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“It was very difficult to see what I would look like in 37 years,” he says. “It’s about a man who has gone through ups and downs in his life. Actually a little bit in my life. It has become a sobering song, but with a cheerful and festive approach. When I sing the song during my concert tour, the ceiling goes,” France said in the weekly PrivĂ©.

“I think she’s very sexy,” the singer said on Instagram. “It’s been a while since I released a real France Bauer record.”

The production company Smart Media Productions that made the video comes from Den Bosch, and all the people that can be seen in the clip are real Bosschenaren.

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