For the sake of American democracy, Biden must assert his victory

For the sake of American democracy, Biden must assert his victory

Joe Biden finally got his first real policy win. Especially after months of bargaining and arguing within its own Democrats, the House of Representatives passed a bill Friday night that would require the U.S. government to invest large sums in the poor infrastructure of the United States. That’s the ventilation that Piton needs.

Because last week was the week the alarm bells rang at the White House. Democratic candidates suffered significant defeats in the midterm local elections. In particular, the loss of the governorship of the state of Virginia – which was further defeated by Republican Trump Biden in last year’s presidential election – hit hard.

Thin majority on paper and his own split party

This failure alone is not catastrophic for Biden’s agenda. But in the long run, he will be seriously worried. There is ample evidence that a section of the House and Senate will be elected next year, and that Democrats – who now control the entire Congress – will lose their majority in both. That would disable Biden for the remainder of his presidency.

He is already having a hard time because of his slim majority and because of his own split party. As a result, some Conservative Democrats may take other parties hostage. Two opposing senators were able to halve the second trillion-dollar bill – which would provide a much broader social security web. The package of those plans is yet to be passed by Congress in two weeks, but the question is what will be in it.

Despite this, Biden will soon try to win, calling the $ 1 trillion infrastructure (part transport, part utilities, part climate) “monumental step for the nation.”

Increasingly cynical and serious

And he needs to confirm his victories and thereby convince voters. First, prevent the country from falling into the hands of the current Republican Party without losing all concessions next year. He is still under the decisive influence of Donald Trump – many Republicans have not yet acknowledged his loss in the previous election – and appears increasingly cynical and radical; Even the most obvious and fair events in the next presidential election are no longer guaranteed in some states.

Investing in the infrastructure and social security web is popular among voters – Democrats and Republicans. Now the Democrats must use that celebrity for their own benefit and for American democracy.

Commentary Trouw’s comment expressed by faculty members and senior faculty.

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