EU punishes Belarus for “people smuggling” | Abroad

EU punishes Belarus for "people smuggling" |  Abroad

The European Union has accused President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime of mistreating asylum seekers for some time to increase pressure on neighboring countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The situation in the inhospitable border region has escalated in recent days as Belarus has sent hundreds of migrants from countries such as Iraq and Syria to the Polish border.

The president and dozens of his supporters are already barred from entering the European Union, but other government officials are now having even more difficulty getting in, EU states have decided. It concerns all members of parliament in Minsk, administrations, regional parliaments, members of official delegations and the highest judges of the country.

From now on, they will have to wait longer to get a visa application, submit more documents, and pay more. Ordinary citizens are not affected.

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This is the first time that the European Union has taken action against the “smuggling of migrants” which is believed to be perpetrated by the Minsk regime. Belarus already received several sanctions last year for brutally suppressing the country’s protest movement. He stood on his own two feet around the electoral victory, according to the EU, which Lukashenko stole in the summer of last year.

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