Food Diaries Peter Gillies shocks viewers: “Where do you put it?”

Food Diaries Peter Gillies shocks viewers: "Where do you put it?"

Peter has been running with diet coach Dick for a while, but the weight loss hasn’t gone smoothly yet. To give Peter a boost in the right direction, Dick instructed him to keep a food diary. When Peter and Nicole visit Dick and show him Peter’s diet, he had to swallow.

For example, Nicole says that since Thursday she kept a record of what he ate and drank only in the evening. You might think that not much has been noticed, but nothing turns out to be any less true. It turns out that Peter and Nicole had consumed “six bottles of cava, two beers, and limoncello, four bottles of red wine, onion soup, mussels, half a serving of salmon and a guard” one evening.

If Dick concludes that’s too much, Peter can’t deny it. “I just like big portions.” When he then confirmed that he hadn’t eaten and drunk everything on his own, Dick had his doubts. “I don’t think she has much to drink,” he points out to Nicole. “Well, I didn’t part with the four bottles of wine,” she says.

However, Peter seems to think there isn’t much going on just yet. “I think I’m doing a good job.” Dick thinks otherwise and orders him to eat completely sugar-free and from now on to take smaller portions. Turns out, not only did Peter’s food diary shock you, but viewers also don’t know what they’re hearing.

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