Willeke wanted a Guus Meeuwis tattoo, but his signature looks like a penis

Willeke wanted a Guus Meeuwis tattoo, but his signature looks like a penis

During an autograph session by Guus Meeuwis in Groningen last week, Wille Scholten asked her favorite star to sign an autograph on her arm. The intention was to get a tattoo on it, but then decided not to. “I didn’t see it very well at first, but his signature looked like a penis,” laughs the doctor’s assistant from Noordwijk.

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Arnold Tankus

After the concert in Groningen, Guus Meewis signed autographs for the fans. Willek, a loyal Guus Meeuwis fan for thirty years, sensed her opportunity. She wanted a good signature from Gus on her arm for her tattoo. “So Gus signed it, but when I said it was for a tattoo, he added an extra line to make it ‘a little more stylish,’” he said.

Guus Meeuwis lands on Willeke's arm.
Guus Meeuwis lands on Willeke’s arm.

She didn’t even see what came of it, but her husband did. “When we went to eat in Groningen, my husband said: ‘Gus put his penis on your arm.’ Then I saw it too: it actually looked more like a penis than an autograph.” Wellick admitted they had to laugh at him.

She shared a photo of Guus’ signature on social media. This message was liked and shared a lot. Guus Meeuwis also shared her post. The name “Guus” now appears as a tattoo on her arm because it was so well drawn. “The rest will come,” Wellick says. There is no date yet for the new signing session. The rod disappeared from her arm after several washes.

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