Finally peace: Andre Hazes sets Insta on ‘Private’

André hazes instagram op privé

With over 928,000 followers, André Hazes made the decision to close his private life to the outside world. The singer, trying to solve a crisis in his personal life, shared everything that happened around him with his fans until his departure to Spain.

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There haven’t been any new posts for a while, but now his favorite posts insta Absolutely private. It is undoubtedly an attempt to calm the uproar surrounding the 25-year-old singer, who has canceled all his shows for the upcoming period.

Insta is for artists and an important communication platform, for example, doing PR for new albums and upcoming concerts. Setting the account to “private” is a clear indication that Hazes is working on his recovery and eventually coming back.

rumor machine

Meanwhile, the rumor mill about Hazes’ person is running at full speed, with entertainment experts basically assuming that the relationship with Sarah Van Solen and Hayes ended up in backwater.

By the way, the “experts” of the tabloids, among others, have the upper hand, because all the “firsts” about Hazes now come, among others, “Albertina Verlinde”, which is the pseudonym of juicer Yvonne Coldeweier.

Experts mainly comment on and speculate on this reality soap while others are given the news as they seem to have better connections in Hazes.

Bridget Masland

In the past, Hazes has often been told that he revealed a lot of his private life via Instagram. It has also been proposed to send encrypted messages through this social medium. But Andre’s son and former lover Monique Westenberg were also frequently seen, which led to more publicity when Hazes turned to Bridget Maasland for a short time.

By putting black on his Instagram, it’s clear that Hazes wants to solve his problems, such as the burnout caused by his management. It looks like he no longer needs to advertise via his own media channel at this point. This also became clear when he arrived earlier in Schiphol, where his mother Rachel was accompanied by him.

Instagram Sarah Van Solen, which now also has around 200,000 followers, can still be viewed.


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