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A hacker stole personal data such as the names and addresses of Ferrari customers. The company says it will be extorted but will not pay a ransom. According to the car manufacturer, the hackers did not steal any order-related information.

In an email to customers, the company said personal data such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were stolen in the attack. Payment details such as bank account numbers are not recorded. Nor did the attackers steal any information related to the application. Therefore, based on the data captured, they do not know, for example, who bought a Ferrari.

It is not clear if the hacker stole other information, such as trade secrets. Ferrari only says that the hackers gained access to a “limited number of systems.” The hackers notified the Italian automaker of the attack, which demanded a ransom. Ferrari says it has a no-response policy for this, “because hackers can go on with more hacks and it won’t change anything about the stolen data.”

The car manufacturer says it is investigating the attack with outside security researchers in order to prevent future attacks and says it has reported the leak to the appropriate authorities. The company says the attack has no further consequences for business operations.

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