Brand Speech Lawyers on Helping Deserving Parents: ‘We Know Nothing’

Brand Speech Lawyers on Helping Deserving Parents: 'We Know Nothing'

Weijsenfeld simply cannot do her job without a file, she says, while victims are in regular distress. Weijsenfeld: “I’ve worked as a lawyer for fifteen years, and whenever I object, I receive the file immediately. Then you discuss it with the client. Then you can also see that someone may not be entitled to something. Because that could be the case.” , but we don’t know now. We don’t know anything.”

In addition, Weijsenfeld rarely receives a prompt response when you knock on the door of the UHT. “Or there will be no response at all,” she says. “As lawyers, we also don’t have a special entrance where we can communicate faster, so we can give clients something, so that they think: ‘I have a lawyer and this helps me.’ Just like a citizen, we stand by and watch it.”

Call as soon as possible

Therefore, attorneys in the release letter discuss the release of a permanent contact in the Department of Taxes and Customs in order to help more quickly. They also want additional guidance from loss adjusters to quantify the damage.

The Dutch Bar Association (NOvA) shares concerns and is working with lawyers to propose a faster working process. “As soon as possible,” a NOvA spokesperson told the ANP news agency, the order wanted to present an improvement proposal to outgoing Secretary of State Alexandra van Hovelen (Supplies) “during a conversation about bottlenecks faced by lawyers”.

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