Writer Sally Rooney refuses to sell translation rights to Israeli publisher Modan

Writer Sally Rooney refuses to sell translation rights to Israeli publisher Modan
Sally Rooney in 2017. Beeld Getty Images

Sally Rooney in 2017.Build Getty Images

In a statement, the 30-year-old Irishman expressed his support for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). This group says it wants to end “international support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and to persuade Israel to comply with international law.” Rooney referred to a report released earlier this year in which Human Rights Watch accused the state of racism and apartheid. Compare Israel to South Africa yesterday.

Contact the publishers of Modan Brunei for a Hebrew translation. According to BDS, this large publishing house is not suitable because it cooperates with the Ministry of Defense. Rooney says he is open to a translation by a publisher that meets said campaign group guidelines. The BDS movement was founded from a Palestinian angle 16 years ago, but it does not have the support of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. The boycott will not only affect Israelis, but some Palestinians as well.

In the West, BDS has broad support from a progressive angle. Notable supporters include singer Roger Waters, cinematographer Jean-Luc Godard, activist Naomi Klein, comedian Russell Brand, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and music producer Brian Eno. Rooney admitted that she could expect criticism by joining this protest movement. That criticism had already come, including from British journalist Ben Judah, who called it “frustrating and unpleasant” that Rooney would not translate her command into Hebrew, but backed down when her statement showed that was not the case.

beautiful world where are you It is translated all over the world, including in some countries with controversial regimes, such as Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

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