Father Ryan Colvik died after a bicycle traffic accident in Suriname

Vader Ryan Koolwijk overleden na verkeersongeval met fiets in Suriname

Dutch cyclist who yesterday He died after being hit by a car By driver on Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat in Suriname, It is a Cologne cyst And Albert Kolfik is not officially like the police today let him know. Waterkant.Net editors have also learned that he is the father of former professional soccer player and assistant national coach of Natio Suriname Ryan Kulowijk (37).

The victim was on vacation in Suriname with her family and was supposed to return earlier that week. However, his brother was hospitalized, delaying the return flight. On Tuesday, his brother was discharged from the hospital and took a taxi home with his wife.

Kees also cycled to the hospital with his brother Albert’s passport in his pocket. When he got home by bike he was taken to Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat was hit by a motorist when he wanted to turn. Died immediately.

When the Surinamese police arrived at the scene, they found his brother’s passport in his pocket, which is why the authorities noted Albert (72) as deceased.

Ryan Kolfijk is a Dutch-Surinamese professional soccer player, who usually played as a midfielder. In 2022 he stopped playing football and became Assistant coach of the national team Natio.

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