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But this (internet connection) needs to be in a separate thread of the application. The start menu can at least work locally with local data. Then the online part is not responsible for the local data being inaccessible, thus, in this case, the start menu does not kill the full application.

After all, it’s not that the Start menu isn’t used much in Windows. With new versions of Windows, Microsoft clearly believes that everyone has a good internet connection and is always available. Surprisingly, in large parts of the world this is not the case. But they design start menu which is based on good and stable internet.

Then you find it strange that problems can occur when that is not the case. Then you come up with the “good speaker” excuse: “Because that’s the way you do it.” Nothing more than a fallacy and, in my opinion, a serious design flaw. In any case, I write software with the well-being of the clients in mind. Microsoft doesn’t do that (anymore), and it’s clear now.

In words, Microsoft will convince you that they have your best interests at heart. With their actions they do the exact opposite. In my opinion, actions count more than words. What you think is up to you. Don’t take my comment as an attempt to persuade either of them, it is only meant to indicate what I think of it.

You don’t have to explain to me that things can go wrong with complex code, I’ve been aware of that for a long time. But the start menu is pretty basic these days, and it’s also true that the start menu icon worked fine in all versions of Windows before Windows 10 and 11 and that the Internet integration in Windows 7 worked even better. Because, guess 3 times, local data was preferred and internet connectivity was on a separate thread.

But for Windows 10/11 this had to be reversed, and now we actually have more problems with the start menu than in the past five years. So don’t invent: “Because that’s the way you do it.” It is a design choice by Microsoft. And a bad choice. And not aimed at customers, but specifically at Microsoft.

Well, that might make you very happy, that’s your right. But know that there are other opinions, with better arguments than: “This is how it works.”

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