Activists defame the waters of a historic fountain in Rome | outside

Activists defame the waters of a historic fountain in Rome |  outside

with videoTo draw attention to the climate crisis, activists have poured black dye into a famous fountain in Rome. The perpetrators have been arrested. This action is part of a whole series of climate actions in Europe.

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The huge Roman fountain in Piazza di Spagna in the Italian capital formed the backdrop for the protest that was dedicated to the “end of the world”. The activists wanted to depict this doomsday scenario by blackening the water in the fountain with vegetable dye. They are part of the last generation organization. The Barcaccia Fountain – in the shape of a boat – is a 17th-century Baroque masterpiece designed by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini.

Turning the water black predicts the apocalyptic scenario we’re headed for as we push the accelerator harder and harder: droughts alternate with devastating floods, which will eventually end life on Earth.

The last generation began organizing peaceful but disruptive protests in Italy last year before the election, urging politicians on all sides to make climate change their priority. The protests in Italy are part of a series of actions across Europe to draw attention to climate change. For example, activists left behind soups, mashed potatoes, and washable paint in various places or art pieces in museums.

An activist today at the fountain in Rome. © ANP / EPA / Vincenzo Livieri

Romanian police arrested three people.
Romanian police arrested three people. © Cecilia Fabiano/LaPresse via AP

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