Crypto exchange Bittrex has been shut down in the US due to regulatory issues

Crypto exchange Bittrex has been shut down in the US due to regulatory issues

The United States has long been a difficult place to operate as a crypto business, but in recent months the problem has become bigger than ever. Every company in the industry is under fire in America. Bittrex has now stopped providing services to US customers.

Bitrex is discontinued in the United States

It writes Bittrex Co-founder and CEO Richie Loy A Press release. Last March, the company celebrated its ninth anniversary. It is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the US. The company started shutting down its operations yesterday For US residents. Customers from other countries are not affected and the company will continue to exist in other countries for now.

It is a complicated process which takes some time according to one More detailed information page All US operations will cease on April 30 for US customers. Bankers have till 7th April to link their bank account. Depending on the transaction method, you have until April 27th in the US to withdraw your funds from your Bittrex account.

Trading for these customers will stop on April 14, and you can withdraw cryptocurrencies from your account until the end of April 29. If something like this happens in Europe, you’ll have some time too – it’s not bankruptcy.

Crypto regulatory issues in the US

In the press release, Lai laments how unclear crypto regulation in the US has made it impossible to stay competitive. “We’ve never lost customer money, we’ve never been hacked. We [wilden] Being the most secure and fair trading platform in the industry. No hidden deals, no special treatment. We never take a shortcut,” explains the CEO.

In recent months, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has appeared to be on the warpath. Kraken was fined for offering crypto staking to retail customers. Coinbase is under fire for the same reason.

Binance and Paxos were also forced by policymakers to stop using the stablecoin BUSD, and Binance’s acquisition by Voyager -por-problemas-de-regulacion/ terminated.

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