Fantasy Football Rankings Week 17: Sleepers, Starters, Sittings | Brock Purdy, Tyler Algeyer, and others

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It’s tournament week! Congratulations if you are here, or even if you are playing third, or for avoiding last place. I appreciate all of you every year… unless you guys play for the Kickers. Repeating the format from last week, I’ll touch on the marginal start with the good and bad matches of the Week 17 fantasy football rankings. Reminder! Link 101 (below) all-weather touches, start/sit in hard calls and more, so read on first. Good luck on the final week (for most).

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2022 Week 17 fantasy football sleepers

🚨 heads up These sleep. They will not imitate my ranking 100%. This chases the uptrend and often carries more risk.

Like last week, I’m going to mix it up a bit. You don’t need a paragraph for every player at this point. So, using the APA (link above), I’m going to give you some good and bad matches For marginal beginners (aka, sleepers or potential benchables). This does not mean that the good things are a must or the bad need to sit on the bench everywhere. This is just a look at the potential upside plays and players you might think twice about with a good alternative on hand.

rear quarter

Good matches

  • Aaron Rodgers, GB Rodgers is a floor game this season, but at least the Vikings gave up double-digit fantasy points for every quarterback this year…well… after Rodgers’ 3.7 points in Week 1.
  • Russell Wilson, Den — Speaking of the word, Wilson has hit hard with about eight points in three of the past four games, but the Chiefs let Wilson get his second-highest score of the season in Week 14.
  • Jared Goff, DET Not only did Goff play well outdoors, he also had one of the best Week 16 games and now goes home to take on the Bears.
  • Brooke Purdy, SF – Mack Jones is the only player not to reach double-digit points against the Raiders, and Purdy scored between 14.3 and 21.7 points in each of his four starts.

bad matches

  • Taylor Hynecke/Carson Wentz, WSH – Yes, the Browns have had the advantage of taking on three of the worst quarterbacks in the past four games, but they’ve also limited Joe Burrow and Josh Allen, plus teams can run on them without the pass.
  • Deshaun Watson, Klee Not only is Watson still rusty, the leaders have only allowed the quarterback to lead Justin Fields’ 18.4 points since Week 3, and that was Jalen Hurts’ record 21.8.
  • Derek Carr, LV When it comes to limiting quarterbacks, few if any do it better than the 49ers, allowing only quarterbacks to score as high as 17.4 points, and having eight to 10.3 points or less.
  • Gino Smith, SEA – Smith’s previous two games were rather weak with streaks of 238-1-0 and 215-1-1 against the 49ers and Chiefs, respectively, and now Smith has to try to bounce back against the Jets. They’ve held their eight running backs to 14.1 points or less, with no quarterback throwing more than one touchdown since Week 3.

running back

Good matches

  • Zonovan Knight, New York – Knight got the Seahawks’ favorable game, but more importantly, Mike White returned to quarterback, who understands the use of his running backs as a receiver.
  • Tyler Lime, ATL Taking the lead, he has 20.1 and 13.7 in the previous two games, and Algier faces a Cardinal walkout allowing a rushing streak of 27-108-0 and a receiving line of 14-13-107-1 combined for Leonard Fournette. And Rashad white.
  • Brian Robinson, WSH -Antonio Gibson is troubled, but even if he’s not, the Browns are a favorable matchup where teams can lean on the run. Alvin Kamara was size in favor against them last week with a 20-76-1 on the floor.
  • Zac Moss, IND β€” that sounds dangerous given the state of the Colts’ offense, but Moss was the clear lead in Week 16 and saw Bilko-like action, plus the Giants struggled against runs all year.

bad matches

  • Jeff Wilson/Rahim Mostert, Museum of Islamic Art – Wilson returned to drive in week 16, but it was still a split that can lead to frustrating use, plus we had a game against the Patriots defense and Teddy Bridgewater probably at quarterback.
  • Ken Walker, SEA – It’s hard to bench Walker anywhere, but the Jets defense is solid just about everywhere, allowing just under 4.0 YPC and none other than Nick Chubb for 18.7 points. Even with 25 touches (22 rushing), Travis Etienne had only 112 receiving yards for 4.5 yards per touch.
  • Gus Edwards, pal – Edwards has been a reliable RB3 grounder, but he may find it difficult against the Steelers. Edwards managed 13 for 66 in Week 14 against them, but Josh Jacobs was booked after a week when the Panthers did nothing against them and several teams failed to rush a single player for 70.
  • Nagy Harris, Pete — Harris, on the other hand, has size in his favor, but his game in Week 14 against Baltimore was saved by a touchdown (12-for-33 rushing). In fact, the Ravens only allowed three running backs of over 80 yards and no RB reached 100 (Nick Chubb came up short at 21-for-99).

wide future

Good matches

  • Christian Watson, Aline Lazard, Romeo Dobbs, GB – If Watson is out, Lazard and Doubs are close to the start. And if Watson plays, he’ll be locked in with Lazard and Doubs as they play on the upside. All three Giants receivers had 9.9+ points last week against Minnesota, and more recently in Week 14, four Detroit receivers had 10.4+ points against those Vikings.
  • Brandine Cox, Chris Moore, is – Cooks is a solid WR3 as long as it plays, and while the Jaguars stopped the Jets, that was Zach Wilson and bad weather. The Jaguars allowed two double-digit wides in five games and two of those had three wides that hit the mark.
  • Russell Gage, Mike Evans, TB Gage replaced Evans as number two, at least in production. If you’re looking for a reason to risk Evans’ lead (can’t believe I just said that), the Panthers are ripe for selection after letting Goff light it up… outdoors.
  • Rashid Shahid, NO – That’s only if Chris Olaf gets out, because I’ll only risk one Saints future a week. The Saints would have to go through to face the Eagles, and were more vulnerable in the second half of the season.

bad matches

  • Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, Curtis Samuel, WSH – Back in the Browns game, it may be difficult for McLaurin and Dotson to sit on the bench, but no matter who the quarterback is, there are more risks than usual.
  • Amari Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones, CLE The same goes for the Browns duo, as the leaders have only allowed Justin Jefferson to get past 13.1 points since Week 7.
  • Van Jefferson, LAR – Sure, the Rams lit up the Broncos, but it wasn’t because of any wide field performance, and the Chargers shut down opponents more often since everyone else is healthy.
  • Corey Davis, Elijah Moore, New York – Even with White back, it’s dangerous to gamble on Davis or Moore, as the Rams, 49ers and Chiefs haven’t had a WR-top 31 yards against Seattle in the past three weeks. Furthermore, only 13 receivers have reached 10 points against the Seahawks, none topping 18.2 and five teams without a double-digit scorer.

tight end

Good matches

  • Cole Kemit, Che Good match-up, no weather concerns, and Kmet has 24 goals in his past four matches.
  • Dalton Schultz, DAL – Schultz has been quiet in the past two games, but he’s had over 10 points in four of his previous six games, and the Titans have given up some of their biggest tight end games this year (Evan Ingram and Mo Ali Cox anyone?).
  • Gerald Everett, Latin America and the Caribbean Six double-digit tight ends allowed since Week 8 by the Rams.

bad matches

  • Logan Thomas, WSH β€”just three double-digit points from tight ends against the Browns (again, teams don’t need them), and one of those was Taysom Hill, who rallied to a 9-56-1.
  • Tyler Higbee, LAR – Higbee is back in his relationship with Baker Mayfield but could find it difficult this week, once again, given the Chargers’ matchup. Just like the Browns, they only allowed three double-digit points… although one of those was Kelce’s monster game.
  • Hayden Hurst, CIN – Assuming he returns, it would be dangerous to use Hurst against injury and against the Bills. Only Kelsey – this guy must be good, huh – scored over 8.0 points against them.

Week 17 fantasy football predictions

🚨 Attention 🚨 These can differ from my rankings, and my ratings The ranks are the order in which I will start the players Out of extra context, like, “You need the highest feature, even if it’s risky.” Also, based on 4 TDs for QB, 6 points for relief, and a Half-PPR

Projections Download Link

***and this is Not Sunday morning update FYI ***

Week 17 fantasy football rankings

🚨 Attention 🚨

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  • The DST rankings are located under the Standard Score tab.

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