Google Voice warns users if a call comes in from spammers – tablets and phones – news

Google Voice, the internet giant’s communications service, can now let you know if a caller is a suspected spammer. Google makes this estimate using artificial intelligence, but users can also provide feedback themselves.

If the caller is a potential spammer, the text “Suspected spam caller” will appear on the screen, along with a large warning sign, Google says. Users can still register if they wish. You can also set this number to always go to voicemail. Moreover, it is possible to immediately send all suspected spam calls to voicemail without any action required from the user. Calls from these numbers can also be put in the spam list, so that they don’t end up in your call history.

Google Voice supports visual voicemail, voicemail transcription, calling over 4G and Wi-Fi, and sending and receiving text messages. In the United States, for example, the service is available to all users, but in the Netherlands it is limited to customers of Google Workspace, and it is a service for businesses. Employees of Workspace customers can use Google Voice if their employer also purchased the service from Google.

Update on Friday 21.13: It was written in this article that Google Voice is not available in Belgium. However, this turned out not to be true. The sentence in question has been deleted. Thanks Duckingel.

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