January 31, 2023

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Fall Guys bug causes ‘accidental purchase’ of skins – Games – News

Fall Guys Error: The Ultimate Knockout Online Shopping System may cause “unintended purchases” of premium content. All return requests from June 21 will now be granted automatically while the developer is working on the fix.

Hundreds of players have reported strange events to the Fall Guys online store so far, according to Extensive Reddit post. While the skin preview is open, some users may automatically purchase the relevant skin, without giving any input themselves. Users have also reported that Show Bucks currency, Fall Guys in-game currency, will disappear and entering a “hidden” key may result in a purchase.

There is no confirmation system in Fall Guys, so the player does not confirm the purchase. However, Mediatonic staff did not believe the customers at first, so Description of PC Gamer. The user may receive the following response to a return request: “This is not a ‘known issue’ as this is not an issue. The system cannot purchase items automatically, and this always requires input from the operator. Again, whether through an accident or not, I have provided An entry to purchase an item. Based on our Terms of Use, which you have agreed to, all purchases are permanent and non-returnable.”

Mediatonic has its own Apologize to Eurogamer for employee response and He apologizes in a tweet For general issues with the Fall Guys Store system. Until the issue is resolved, return requests are automatically accepted and processed. The online store, according to the company, is being improved to avoid more problems. All players will also get a Legendary Skin that changes color for free.

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Fall Guys is a platform game with battle royale elements and has been free to play for about a month. Switching to the “free” player model appears to have been a very good option, according to A large number of players Which attract the game. The game is free to download and play for everyone, but Mediatonic, that It falls under Epic Gamesearns money selling cosmetics through microtransactions and Battle corridorsbuilding where publishers Earn billions annually.

New skin image via Mediatonic