Chris Sale exits start with visible hand injury

Chris Sale exits start with visible hand injury

The start of the Red Sox chris sel I left today’s game after only scoring twice, like Aaron Hicks The return hit his hand and seemed to hit her. While the extent of the injury will not be known until the test is done, the TV broadcast showed clear hand damage, with Ciel immediately leaving the field without hesitation. (Twitter video link From the beginning 9.)

Making this very frustrating for the Red Sox, this was just the start of the second cuts of the year. He missed the first few months of the season due to a stress fracture in his rib cage. After months of rehab and getting back in shape, he now has unbelievable bad luck after being hit by a helicopter and sustaining another injury. The lefty also underwent surgery for Tommy John in 2020, missed that whole season and most of the 2021 campaign. Finally, he’s thrown less than 50 runs since the end of the 2019 campaign.

The timing of the injury is upsetting for the Red Sox, who have dealt with a number of rotation issues recently. Nathan Evaldi He just came back after missing over a month, but Rich HillAnd the Michael WashaAnd the Conor Sebold And the Josh Winkowski They have all landed on IL in the past few weeks. The All-Star break begins tomorrow, giving the club a few days to figure things out. But if Ciel had to waste time, it would be because of Ivaldi’s turn, Nick Pevita And the Cotter Crawford.

After the break, the Red Sox are playing 17 days in a row, which means they will definitely need reinforcements. Hill and Watch are making progress but won’t be ready after the break, according to reports Abraham House from The Boston Globe. Garrett Whitlock He made nine club appearances this year but has been working out of the game since returning from his IL assignment. The club could consider bringing him back to duty, although he would need to build a reserve for such a task. Prospect Brian Bello He started two major league games recently but has been swinging to 10.13 ERA and the option to return to the Palace. There is, too James Paxton, who was signed off-season knowing he won’t be available until the second half of the season due to Tommy John’s surgery last year. However, he has not yet started his rehab task, and it is likely that he is still a few weeks away from returning.

Of course, Boston could also consider overseas additions, as the August 2 trading deadline is now just over two weeks away. Despite the rotation’s increasing injuries, the club started today’s game 48-44, just one game behind the Blue Jays in the playoffs. (Although the Jays have since defeated the royals, they have moved half a game forward.) Luis CastilloAnd the Tyler Mahley And the Frankie Montas, among other things. The Red Sox will have a lot of competition in those markets, with most contenders looking for additional weapons at this time of year.

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