Facebook requires 2fa activation for accounts participating in Facebook Protect – IT Pro – News

Facebook will soon require two-factor authentication for accounts that participate in the Facebook Protect program. According to the company, this is likely to be a faster target for malicious parties. The commitment will be implemented worldwide in the coming months.

Facebook Protect is a service that aims to protect the hacked accounts of politicians, journalists or activists, among others, from hacking attacks by recommending stronger security measures and monitoring potential hacking threats. During this monitoring, it is checked if login attempts are made from unknown sites or unknown devices.

Until recently, two-step authentication was optional, but it will become so in the coming months According to Facebook binding. With this commitment, the company wants to keep accounts more secure and hopes to reduce the number of compromised accounts for these high-risk groups.

Facebook Protect was created in 2018 to help protect the vulnerable accounts of politicians, policymakers, journalists, and activists against malicious parties. Only eligible Facebook Protect users will be notified to participate in the Program. According to the company, more than 1.5 million accounts are currently participating in the Facebook Protect security program. Two-factor authentication is enabled on approximately 950,000 accounts. Since September of this year, Facebook Protect is available in more and more countries.

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