Huge turnout at the Party for the Animals members conference

Huge turnout at the Party for the Animals members conference
The line this morning at the For the Animals Party convention

Noos Newsan average

A larger than usual number of members attended the Party for the Animals members conference. 700 people were expected to arrive, but about 1,600 people picked up ballot boxes.

This has to do with the conflict that has occurred in the party leadership in recent weeks. The council, which has since resigned, removed party leader Esther Uwehand as party leader. He hired a lawyer and became leader of the party after which the board resigned.

They told NOS that many members came today in solidarity with Owehand. When they registered to participate in the conference, they did not yet know that Owehand would eventually become party leader.

Many members now feel more involved in the party, saying:

Members of the Party for the Animals attend a conference en masse in support of the party

The agenda includes various proposals on the governance crisis. For example, there is the proposal “Call to communicate and interact respectfully with each other,” the proposal “Powers of a political leader” and various suggestions about the direction of the party.

The members also determine the election program and list of candidates. There may still be transformations in this regard. For example, MP Lammert van Raan may be in the unelectable position of 20. Members can still vote for him in position 6. The second place is between MP Christine Teunissen and newcomer Ines Kostic.

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