Extension of Ukrainian grain import ban deal imminent | Economy

Extension of Ukrainian grain import ban deal imminent |  Economy

Ukraine will likely still be banned from selling grain to five countries in Eastern Europe. Rival countries wary of cheaper Ukrainian grain already imposed a temporary ban last month, which expires on Monday. An extension to September is in the works.

This was reported by the Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Tellos, who received a proposal for an extension from the European Commission. The ban will last until September 15th.

Ukraine is an important grain producer, and recently it has increasingly ended up in Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. This angered the five countries, which cannot produce as cheaply as the Ukrainians, which led to the anger of farmers in their country.

So Brussels has already imposed a temporary ban until June 5 in May. The Polish minister says he hopes the extension will go into effect on Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky opposes the ban. He believes his country should be given space to sell grain in as many places as possible. His country is currently at war with Russia and needs as much revenue as possible to pay for the fighting.

Another deal was extended recently. This is the grain deal between Ukraine and Russia. The two countries agreed not to block grain exports across the Black Sea. Many grain ships export grain across that sea.

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