Extension of the European Corona Guide, right? “The Council of Ministers is manipulating the confidence of citizens”

Extension of the European Corona Guide, right?  "The Council of Ministers is manipulating the confidence of citizens"

The House of Representatives is in tension due to the proposal of Representative Peter Omtzegt a few weeks ago, ordering the Council of Ministers not to take any steps until approved by the House of Representatives.

No permission

In a letter to the House of Representatives, Kuipers wrote that he would not take irreversible steps without the House’s knowledge. And this, according to Omtzigt, is the obstacle: “This is despicable, because not taking irreversible steps is different from informing the House of Representatives in advance what they want to do and continuing only after the debate in the House. And that’s what I do. The demands of the approved movement.”

He points out that “known” means only to inform and not to ask for permission. “I’ll just tell you I set your house on fire and then you’ll know what’s inside. But you didn’t authorize it.”

That stings Omtzigt. Because in the original plans, Corona’s travel commitments will expire on July 1. By agreeing in a European context to allow these measures to continue for another year, people who did not receive a booster dose within Europe, for example, simply cannot travel abroad this summer.

booster boost

“This concerns about half the population,” says Umtzigt. It also notes that the Board of Health does not recommend boosting young adults between the ages of 12 and 18.

“By taking this measure, you are forcing young people to get a booster dose, when, according to health experts, this is not necessary. It is very ugly. It is strange that in many countries measures are being scaled back and we continue to have vaccination requirements for travelers,” says Omtzigt.

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According to him, this world is upside down, and it appears that the Corona card is unnecessary and only hinders travel. So the government should not focus on supporting such a measure, he says, but should instead seek support from European countries that also don’t see it in order to prevent its introduction.

ban minorities

“Now that a country like France is gone, just like Spain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland, and almost nowhere has asked for the passage of Corona, such a forbidden minority is beginning to appear.” According to Omtzigt, “the cabinet is playing with the confidence of the citizens” because the plans will have a huge impact on them. “If you want to lose confidence, this is a good way.”

On Wednesday and Thursday, the House of Representatives discusses the European evidence for the Corona virus. It must then be clear whether the House of Representatives will compel the government to take a different course.

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