China says US is trying to create Asian NATO

China says US is trying to create Asian NATO

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that the United States is trying to create an Asian version of NATO with its defense strategy in India and the Pacific. “But they will fail,” Wang said.

“Perverse actions are against the region’s aspirations for peace, development and cooperation,” Wang said. Many countries in the region have followed the example of European countries bordering Russia and have strengthened ties with the United States to ensure security from dominating China. Japan, India and Vietnam have differences with China over border areas.

But, Taiwan is the biggest pain for the Chinese. The democratically governed island is seen by China as a treacherous province. The People’s Communist Republic is trying to isolate the island diplomatically. Chinese leaders do not want other countries to treat Taiwan as an independent country.

Wang warned that US goodwill with Taiwan would not end well. “This will not only put Taiwan in a dangerous position, but will have unbearable consequences for the US side,” Wang said. He added that “Taiwan will eventually return home.”

Wang stressed that China’s relationship with Taiwan is not comparable to Russia’s relationship with Ukraine.

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