June 6, 2023

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Ed Sheeran strongly denies plagiarism: 'You did not use the music without credit' |  Displays

Ed Sheeran strongly denies plagiarism: ‘You did not use the music without credit’ | Displays

Singer Sami Shoukry and producer Ross O’Donoghue confirmed that Sheeran “certain phrases and words” from their song. Why copied for shape for you† According to their attorney Andrew Sutcliffe, there is “irrefutable evidence” that Sheeran collected ideas from others before writing his songs, and “it is not true” that the singer came up with everything himself.

“I don’t agree with that,” Sheeran said. according to British media During Sutcliffe’s questioning, he answered “clearly and confidently” and told the singer that if the attorney had done his “homework” he would have seen Sheeran always cite sources, even with unknown artists. Sheeran cited examples of recent songs such as shivering And the visiting hours

The plagiarism case has been going on for nearly four years. In 2018, Sheeran asked the Supreme Court to rule that he and his fellow writers had not infringed Shukri and O’Donoghue’s copyrights. The latter filed a lawsuit of their own, in which they demanded, among other things, compensation and a portion of the song’s proceeds.

Here is a comparison of the songs in question:

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