‘Expedition Robinson’ participant has to stop

'Expedition Robinson' participant has to stop

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of Expedite Robinson.

Before the first elimination phase after the merger was scheduled to happen, Nicolette had an amazing message for the group. “Luisa, this is totally unexpected and comes as a huge shock to everyone. But you’ve just been checked by a doctor, and you’re not doing well. What’s your problem?”

Then Louisa, finding it hard to hold back her tears, said: “I have decided to quit the game for acute medical reasons.”

Then Nicolette said, “Yes Luisa, unfortunately, you have to stop the flight for medical reasons. I see that you are very sad about it.”

And the presenter emphasizes that health is above all: “This is difficult, but perhaps the best.”

The model says she had a great time. “It’s no different, and those top performers will compete, believe in you and hang on there,” she said, sobbing to the group. They, too, now had teary eyes and could barely make out the news. The part can be seen below.

Expedite Robinson See you every Thursday evening at 8.30pm and every Sunday at 8pm on RTL 4.

Luisa recently appeared in the news, because her documentary can now be watched on Videoland. In it, she talks openly about her life (love), career and family. You can see more about it in the video below.

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