Expect to see these games during the PlayStation Show

Expect to see these games during the PlayStation Show

First the facts: The PlayStation Show, which will air on Thursday 9 September at 22:00 KST via Youtube employment TwitchIt lasts forty minutes and includes updates on PlayStation Studios games and “some of the world’s most talented developers”. The focus is on PlayStation 5 games for this fall and beyond. After the broadcast, some games will be discussed in more detail via the same live broadcast. Viewers should not expect any new information about the PlayStation VR successor.

A striking detail is that Sony does not call the broadcast “state of play”. This name appears to be intended primarily for smaller broadcasts in which updates are offered to already existing games. “The Show” suggests that we are dealing with an E3 caliber broadcast. And that’s much needed, because of course Sony wasn’t present at E3 (or Gamescom), so fans are ready for some great announcements and new images for the highly anticipated PS5 games.

Anyway, the hype has already been raised a bit. “A lot of exciting things are made at PlayStation Studios,” said Hermann Holst, President of PlayStation Studios. VGC journalist Andy Robinson also claims that some “super advertisements” are in the pipeline.

But what do we expect? Below you’ll find some games that are likely to be shown, as well as some risky bets – because sometimes dreaming about potential games is more fun than looking forward to the ones that have already been announced.

Earlier this year, we finally got an in-depth look at Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the popular open world game Horizon Zero Dawn “we” Guerrilla Games. We also now know that the game will be released on February 18, 2022 and we were able to meet Various special editions. The show would be the perfect time to showcase new images of the game again. For now, we’ve seen the gameplay mainly in a beach environment. A full trailer can explain the necessary difference in setup. With the new trailer for Forbidden West, the show has already passed!

There have been rumors of a remake of The Last of Us for some time now. The game was originally released on PlayStation 3 and although the Remaster was released on PS4, the original story of Joel and Ellie, along with all the technical bells and whistles from last year’s sequel, should make the game worthwhile once again. It’s also a golden step in strategic terms: The HBO series based on The Last of Us releases next year. The first season covers the events of the first match. So it would be very smart if viewers of the series could go to the store to pick up a PS5 copy of the original.

Additionally, it’s also time to reveal The Last of Us: Part 2 multiplayer game. Naughty Dog previously indicated that the multiplayer mode will not appear until after the single player release. According to recent rumors, it will even be a standalone game and can combine faction gameplay from the original multiplayer mode and battle royale elements.

It’s almost certain that Insomniac Games was also working on a full-length sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man while developing “snack” Miles Morales. Given the massive production of the Sony studio, we expect to see a small teaser for the second part. The place is particularly exciting here: We’ve now swung around Manhattan twice; It’s time for a new site. But what location is different enough from the skyscraper paradise of New York, and still leaves you lying around for a while? Well, that’s what we’d love to see in that teaser!

Well, Square Enix already said it’s not sure if it can bring Final Fantasy 16 to the Tokyo Game Show in a month’s time, so why should it be in the PlayStation Showcase already? Well, since this is just a very important title for the PlayStation 5 – the Final Fantasy series has been a regular part of the success of Sony’s consoles in the past. We’re not expecting a comprehensive look at the gameplay, but a brand new trailer could at least take it down, right? Otherwise, rejoice with new screenshots from another Square Enix game, Forsporoken (formerly Project Athia)!

Maybe a little cute, because we’ve seen a lot of Deathloop, but the game is coming out a little over a week after the show, so you can be sure Sony will at least want to draw attention to this limited-time exclusive. Not with an extensive gameplay trailer, but at least one (ever) final trailer feels like a no-brainer. It’s not the most exciting prediction in this article, but it does make sense. In addition, we are eagerly looking forward to the game, thanks to the excellent reputation of developer Arkane (Dishonored and Prey).

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming out this fall on PlayStation 5 (and Xbox Series X and S), so it’s time to reveal new visuals and some details about this transfer. Even more exciting are the persistent rumors about Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas Remasters slated to release later this year, or possibly early next year. So Rockstar has to reveal these Transformers, and where better to do that than with the PlayStation Show? It should be noted that this prediction is only an afterthought, but hope is alive!

Sony just unveiled the much-anticipated seventh installment in the real-life racing franchise ahead of the PlayStation 5’s release. Since then, we’ve hardly heard anything from Gran Turismo 7. It’s time for the silence to end and we were amazed by the next generation of Gran Turismo. A release is probably out of the question this year, but enjoy the shiny cars, beautiful environments and above all the promise of unparalleled realistic controls!

Just like the Deathloop, the existence of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is almost certain. After all, the game will be released on September 21, so it would be crazy for Sony not to take the opportunity to mention this console exclusively. And it’s not a punishment at all, because everything we’ve seen in Kena so far tickles our imaginations – especially the beautiful and colorful graphics. Give us another great trailer to impress even the biggest skeptics, and the marketing will be done.

Yeah, you didn’t think we wouldn’t include God of War on this list, did you? We know it’s coming and it could be the PlayStation Showcase. Especially if the game is released in the fall of 2022, this is the perfect time to air the first part of the game and thus show how the technology has evolved since the previous God of War. Since the sequel released in 2018 was already stunningly beautiful, we hardly dare imagine what the new God of War will look like. We know the Norwegian preparation for that match will continue. Absolutely fine! Featuring a short clip from the new God of War, the PlayStation Showcase grabs all the headlines.

God of War

Something tells us that one of the PlayStation Studios teams has another big surprise in store for us. Perhaps this is a vain hope, but of course you also want to use such an offer to advertise completely new titles. Maybe it’s a new project from Naughty Dog – the new Uncharted game for example, or a science fiction game as rumors have been going on for years. Or has Guerrilla Games been working on a project alongside the Horizon franchise for years with a second team? The Japanese developer behind Astro’s Playroom may have already prepared a new game. Wouldn’t the developer of Days Gone Bend Studio already have something to offer? The possibilities are endless!

We wanted to put another big guess in this article. Instead of the usual return of Silent Hill – although this game may finally be announced – we’ve opted for another bold anticipation. It’s time for Bloodborne to come to PlayStation 5! After all, it is by far the most popular FromSoftware game among PlayStation fans. Big graphics upgrade for PS5, developed by Bluepoint Games? We have no objection to that! And while we’re on the topic of Bluepoint, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony announced its acquisition of this studio.

blood borne

The above expectations are of course not all realistic, but you can be sure that a good portion of the games mentioned will be reviewed during the PlayStation presentation. What do you expect or hope to see? Let me know in the comments!

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