Queen Elizabeth’s funeral plans leaked: Charles on tour, ‘spontaneous’ church service

Queen Elizabeth's funeral plans leaked: Charles on tour, 'spontaneous' church service

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s funeral plans have been leaked. Politico quotes extensively from the text, from the text that ministers will use to inform their officials of a planned “spontaneous” church service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

under the codename London Bridge Operation Exact details of the ten days between death and burial were made in the main chapel of Windsor Castle. “From the ordinary to the absurd,” Politico sums up the plans. There are plans to direct hundreds of thousands of interested people in the right direction, to welcome foreign guests and send the new King Charles on a cross-country tour.

It all starts with a phone call from the Queen’s personal secretary to the Prime Minister. Then this started causing a telephone boom for important ministers and senior officials. A plan has already been written for them: In an email that begins with “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty the Queen,” officials will be asked to treat the news discreetly.

Church service “spontaneous”

The public will be informed by message via the Palestinian News Agency. Downing Street will fly the flag at half mast immediately thereafter. Politico writes that this intention led to unrest within the official residence of the Prime Minister, because there is not always someone who can reach the flagpole. It appears that the problem has now been resolved.

The Royal House website will turn black, with only a short announcement of the Queen’s death, as happened earlier this year Happened too On the death of her husband Philip. Ministries are being asked to defer non-urgent announcements and correct their Twitter accounts using only the departments logo.

At six in the evening on the day of his death, the new king will address the people. Meanwhile, a memorial service will begin in St. Paul, in the presence of the Prime Minister and key Cabinet members. Politico writes: “This service is planned in a way that appears ‘spontaneous.'”

Charles on a trip

On the second day after death, Elizabeth’s coffin must be returned to Buckingham Palace. When she dies in her country house Sandringham or Balmoral, the coffin is brought back to the capital by train. The Prime Minister will then receive the funeral procession at St Pancras Station.

A day later, Charles departed as the new king on a tour of the country, called Spring Tide in the text. He begins in Scotland, visits Northern Ireland the next day and visits Wales on the seventh.

Meanwhile, in London, the Queen was confined to the Palace of Westminster for three days. The intent is for the audience to say goodbye 23 hours a day.

The day of the funeral will be a day of national mourning, with two minutes of silence around noon. The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, after which the Queen will be buried in the chapel where her husband Philip is also buried.


Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on the leak. British media believe the palace will not fall well, only because the 95-year-old queen buried her wife this year. According to Politico, there are no indications that the Queen is ill with her health.

Interestingly enough, Politico got their hands on a piece that not many people would ever have gotten their hands on entirely: parts of it will be shared with related services, but the entire leaked game guide means Politico has a high-profile source.

Insiders say an investigation has already begun into who issued the top-secret document.

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