June 5, 2023

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Take-Two sues GTA III and Vice City members to reverse engineer – Games – News

“These source code files not only contain the derived program code that enables the games to run on the player’s computer, but they also contain original Take-Two digital content such as text, character dialog, and certain assets from the game. In addition, re3 GitHub Repositories Include links to sites where members of the public can download a complete, installable build of re3 and reVC”

credit to @the field for the next link


If you open that with notepad or notepad++, there is already dialogue from the original games.
Provide links to a full installer, not the best plan either.

Defendants boasted that the derived source code was generated by doing the opposite
From Take-Two’s final ‘automated’ code to recreate human-readable code where GTA was
GTA 3 and Vice City were originally written [programming
language] C++. . . The bundled executables that are shipped are in files
machine code. So the general task is to get back from machine code to
C++. . . . Going back to C++ is by no means a simple 1:1 ratio mapping, but
Over the past 10 years or so, decompilers have appeared that help with this
Processing. . . . So what we usually do is work out an output
decompiler and then cast it back into a readable C++ language”. id.

You have reverse engineered and you have reverse engineered. You can build something from scratch, you can study the process and then tinker with it a bit somewhere or you can bring the original source code. Looks like they’ve taken option 3 here.

If you have the source code, you can modify and recompile it, are you still modifying it or have you just released a new GTA3?

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If they can prove it in court, and from what I see there won’t be a problem, I get two wins in that lawsuit with no problem.