Expect the Raiders to scout trade deals for QB Derek Carr this offseason

Expect the Raiders to scout trade deals for QB Derek Carr this offseason

While the Raiders have two games left this season – and the playoffs are still mathematically possible – their plans for this season seem unclear.

The city of Las Vegas is expected to explore trade options for quarterback Derek Carr, sources say. The veteran who has started nearly every regular season game for the Raiders since the 2014 season is definitely headed to a freshman team for 2023.

Garrett Stidham will start in his place Today Against the 49ers, he had his chance in two games to make a case for next season. Meanwhile, Carr will be out of the team for the last two weeks to avoid a distraction.

There are scenarios in which Carr stays with the Raiders — the 49ers unofficially said goodbye to Jimmy Garoppolo during this past season and he still plays for them — but that’s the likely outcome for Carr.

Once the season is over, preparations for the upcoming season and what happens next will begin with Carr in full focus. He is expected to join fellow veteran rookies like Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo and others as available QBs via Free agency Or swap this out of season.

Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels was clear about why the Raiders made the move — which owner Mark Davis has supported, according to sources — while speaking to reporters last week.

McDaniels, “None of us are happy where we are” to reporters Wednesday. “But we think it’s an opportunity to assess a young player who hasn’t had a lot of playing time. Derek has been fantastic. He understands the scenario we’re in.”

Carr, a three-time professional player, once said He would rather quit football than play for another team. But make no mistake: Carr has no plans to retire and he has no plans to go out like this. Sources say he tells those close to him that he has the best football ahead of him.

Decisions about Kar must be made quickly. on its terms Three years, $121.5 million extension Signed before the season, his $32.9 million base salary for 2023 and an additional $7.5 million from the 2024 base becomes fully guaranteed if he’s rostered on the third day of the exemption period — or three days after the Super Bowl.

Any decision on the next move, be it a trade or an outright release if the trade is not combined, will come before that.

While a trade cannot be made official until the league year begins, trades are routinely agreed in principle before being finalized in mid-March. Carr also has a no-trade clause in his contract and the different parties would have to be on the same page to effect such a deal.

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