February 9, 2023

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Exhibitions are going well despite the low number of entrepreneurs |  Currently

Exhibitions are going well despite the low number of entrepreneurs | Currently

The number of entrepreneurs at fairgrounds has fallen by 7 percent in the past five years. Corona and aging in particular caused the decline. However, the industry is doing well, says Buffak Fair Association president Etzi Lubach.

Five years ago, in our country there were 966 entrepreneurs with one or more tourist attractions, now there are 896. This is evident from the figures of the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). Especially in the first year of the epidemic, many companies closed their doors: nearly forty. That year, several exhibitions were canceled due to contact-limiting measures.

Lubach admits the number of entrepreneurs is declining. “During the Corona pandemic, a number of entrepreneurs in the fairground sector started doing something else, such as gardening or construction work. In addition, pensioners used their free time and did not return to the fair.”

The fact that so many entrepreneurs have stopped doesn’t mean the fairground industry is dark and bleak. Although the sector had a tough time at the time of Corona, it is now doing well again. According to Lubach, that’s because people feel like they’re partying again after the lockdowns. “The fair in your city or village looks familiar,” says the mayor of Buvac City Council.

Brabant and Gelderland in particular have many exhibition companies, nearly half (49 percent) of entrepreneurs come from these two provinces.

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