January 27, 2023

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Apple sues US payments monopoly

Apple sues US payments monopoly

Another week, another case. That’s the case with Apple sometimes. This time the case is payable in the United States. Cupertino company faces class action lawsuit over contactless payment via iPhone As a result, card issuers are forced to pay the fees.

writes that Bloomberg. The lawsuit was brought by Affinity Credit Union, a credit and debit card issuer that works with Apple Pay. The company’s lawyers hope to turn it into a class action (aka Class action lawsuit named). Then customers can also participate in the battle.

Apple is back in court

According to the lawsuit, Apple makes about $1 billion a year in fees it charges credit card companies. The iPhone maker charges 0.15 percent of the amount through Apple Pay. And Android users will have the same options at any cost.

Apple Pay credit cards are 16x9
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It also claims that Apple is engaging in anti-competitive behavior because Pay is the only service that allows users iPhone can give. It is the only app that allows users to make payments with an NFC chip. Additional costs to companies cannot be passed on to customers, leaving users with no reason to switch to other sources.

What is going to happen now?

Now the big question is: What will happen? It depends on the judge. The judge agrees with the plaintiffs, but at the same time says that there is no monopoly. After all, iPhone users can always switch to Android, to give an example.

The purpose of this lawsuit — class action or not — is to change Apple’s policy to adjust. Hoping to no longer pay with Pay. Prosecutors hope that Apple will return “ill-gotten money” to all affected companies.

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Apple sues US payments monopoly

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