Even Up Here Offers a Parody of the Eurovision Entry: “How Long Will This Nightmare Last” | Displays

Even Up Here Offers a Parody of the Eurovision Entry: "How Long Will This Nightmare Last" |  Displays

with videoIn their own way, Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Wu mocked the Netherlands’ entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in front of 1.7 million viewers on Saturday night. On social media, the two garnered a lot of praise for singing a parody of the tune Burning daylight, from Mia and Dionne. Can’t we send it to the Eurovision Song Contest?

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On May 9, Mia and Dion will be the first semi-finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. In recent weeks, the two have sung the song live at two previous concerts, but both have not been pure. Mia and Dionne have received a lot of criticism on social media and on TV shows. There are enough reasons for Van der Laan and Woe to pay attention to the Eurovision entry.

They do this by starting a song about broken promises, to the tune of Burning daylight. The text is mainly about “false promises made by the government to the people of Groningen”, a reference to the earthquakes that occur there due to gas extraction. Last week, the government announced that it would compensate the residents with 20 million euros. Much less than required, so the people of Groningen are very disappointed.

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Viewers discover almost immediately that the song essentially parodies the Netherlands’ entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Van der Laan sings Woe from the first note, as a nod to Mia and Dionne’s performances. The parody begins “How long will this nightmare last, the situation is horrible”. “The hope they give, more and more false,” the men continue.

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Although Woe and Van der Laan sing on purpose, they have received a lot of praise on social media. ‘What is it Even here OK with the number bloomer. You should try to… sing on purpose if you can sing. You can’t do that! ‘, It seems. It’s still very difficult to sing out of tune like that. amazing!’

some to hereViewers think Woe and Van der Laan should go to the Eurovision Song Contest instead of Mia and Dion. Can’t we send these two to Eurovision 2023? Then at least there will be laughter,” one viewer tweeted and “that was really cool,” adds another. “It was again fun from start to finish.”

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