The Belgian government can’t revoke Hitler’s license plate | car

The Belgian government can't revoke Hitler's license plate |  car

At the end of February, Brussels was startled by a car with a number plate indicating Adolf Hitler. However, the government cannot cancel the anti-Semitic painting.

The car was spotted with license plate HH-88. This is a reference to “Heil Hitler” twice, because the letter h is the eighth in the alphabet. It is a popular symbol in far-right and neo-Nazi circles.

Anyone who pays €1,000 to obtain a personal number plate in Belgium must obtain approval from the Belgian RDW – Vehicle Registration Service. “Like you, I was shocked by this license plate,” Belgian Minister Gilkennet (Mobility) answered in writing to the questions. When the minister was asked why the government could not withdraw number plates if they were already in circulation, Gilkinnett replied: “The Royal Decree does not allow a number plate ex officio to be abolished for mere engraving.”

Racism and anti-Semitism

Belgian Member of Parliament Michael Freilich wants to change that. We should change the law so that management has the option to take away number plates. “With this we send a clear signal that racism and anti-Semitism will not be tolerated,” he told the Belgian newspaper. HLN.

In the Netherlands, all vowels have been removed from license plate combinations to avoid unwanted words. A number of combinations of license plates are also prohibited. In the Netherlands, these are the letter combinations GVD, KKK, NSB, PKK, PSV, TBS, SS, and SD.

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