Even Lady Diana fell head over heels for the forever young Duran Duran Displays

Even Lady Diana fell head over heels for the forever young Duran Duran  Displays

Duran Duran, a rock sensation of the 80s, once again took the stage to sell out popularity in the UK and US.

Bass player John Taylor admitted before the start of Future Past, a tour through the UK and US, that making music with Duran Duran doesn’t destroy his body. “You don’t die at work,” he said with a sense of drama. It’s about the mess you get in between parties. ’ Tens of thousands of fans will get the chance to see that the group members have not lost their strength at an advanced age in the coming months.

Hundreds of bands didn’t escape the hectic life of an ’80s rock star. Exhausted, mentally exhausted, and unable to adapt to the desires of the younger generation, they disappeared into thin air. This fate did not befall Duran Duran. More than 40 years after its formation in Birmingham, its popularity and motivation to surprise the public with new projects remains unchanged.

Smells like testosterone

A reviewer in The Telegraph was surprised, not impressed. He found them to “smell of testosterone and vanity, shiny on the outside, soulless”. He described singer Simon Le Bon as someone with a “shower” tone and “the emotional range of a newsreader”. However, Duran Duran admitted to drawing crowded arenas, implying that the band “must have done something right” over the decades.

As the progenitors of the New Romantics movement, they conquered the charts. “Girls On Film” didn’t leave even a famous resident of Buckingham Palace unimpressed. Lady Diana Duran Duran called her favorite band. Undoubtedly, the appearance of the quintet had a role in this. Posters of Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, and the three Taylors hung on the walls of teenage girls’ rooms.

obsession with fashion

Their constant obsession with fashion earned Duran Duran a few years ago in Milan’s most stylish rock band. Collaborations with designers like Vivienne Westwood and Giorgio Armani included no show at all. Furthermore, they kept current by not rigidly clinging to the 1980s and, where possible, gave their work a fresh impulse.

Getting back on the podium wasn’t easy. As befits a rock band, quarrels along the way led to splits. The release of the Future Past album during the pandemic marked the beginning of a permanent return to the original line-up. However, guitarist Andy Taylor has missed the stadium tour that kicked off in Manchester last Saturday.

When Duran Duran was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Los Angeles last fall, LePone read a letter from Taylor. In it he admitted that he was suffering from terminal cancer. Captured by aggressive cells in the prostate. That’s why he had to miss the ceremony. “I had such a backlash,” Taylor said. “Despite the extraordinary work my doctors are doing, I have pushed the limit both physically and mentally.”

Taylor’s voice will be heard later this year on the Halloween album, as Duran Duran pays tribute to inspirations like David Bowie with the vocals, as well as some new songs. He follows the journey from Ibiza, where he has lived for years. The band, who will be touring the US for five months, is full of energy. The future past is more than just trying to complete the pension pot one last time.

“You don’t have to wane your passion as you get older,” said Le Bon. “We’re not overly ambitious. We’re Duran Duran and we really enjoy being Duran Duran. For example, a giant spider runs across Nick Rhodes’ face as the audience’s virtual kid.”

Performances at the Jubilee and Commonwealth Games for Queen Elizabeth demonstrated Duran Duran’s enduring appeal. At the same time, it goes with the trend of nostalgia. Pubs and student bars play the best hits from yellowing superpowers every day. ABBA stands with holograms (“ABBAtars”) of the band members in London. Reggae band Steel Pulse, like Duran Duran from Birmingham, are touring the UK again.

Paul McCartney has appeared as a headliner at the massive Glastonbury Festival in southwest England, close to his 80th birthday. Despite his aura as an ex-Beatle, Sir Paul could no longer match Duran Duran. John Taylor even appeared as “Dante” in the computer game Devil May Cry. Duran Duran isn’t just “hot” among older music fans. Young people also embrace their extravagance.

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