Actor and theater maker Cas Enclare has passed away

Actor and theater maker Cas Enclare has passed away

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Actor Cass Enclair died on Wednesday at the age of 79 in his hometown of Amsterdam. In 1970 he was one of the founders of the legendary Werktheater (without a watch), along with Peter Faber, Shireen Strooker and Jan Joris Lamers, among others.

The group made a name for itself in the 1970s with revolutionary performances about ordinary people, which were made without a way out and played, for example, in hospitals, schools or nursing institutions, or in the tent in which they went on tour in the summer. They dealt with subjects of terminal illness, old age, loneliness or psychiatry. After that, the actors often engaged in conversation with the audience.

Enclair also made a name for himself with a solo performance of American actress Joan Crawford, An evening with Joan (1983). He was one of Werktheater’s supporting forces for many years and was associated with them until 1985.

He then moved to Toneelgroep Baal and later to Toneelgroep Amsterdam, but it was short-lived and became independent. Take part in the most diverse shows, whether in small demo groups or in free productions for the general public. He has also appeared in TV series such as Lunatic And the old money And the satirical programme Covenween.

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Moreover, Cas Enklaar was a staple in the films of director Theo van Gogh. starred in A day at the beach (1984), after the book Heere Heeresma, in which, among others, Los (1989), Back to Oegstgeest (1987), after various novels by Jan Walkers and False Light (1993). He also starred in the series tidal Written by Van Gogh and Theodore Holman, broadcast only after Van Gogh’s murder, in January 2005.

Other popular films he has appeared in luggage By Dick Maas, the golden calf was awarded long live the queen by Esmée Lammers (1996) and master class (2005), the debut of comedian Hans Tywin.

Cas Enclare’s last role was in 2019, in a classic from the theater of the absurd: game over by Samuel Beckett. The performance was scheduled to recur this past spring, but Enclair had esophageal cancer and was already too sick to participate. He was replaced by Gerardjan Rejendars.

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