Even fewer trains starting tonight • Hospital occupancy rate continues to drop

Even fewer trains starting tonight • Hospital occupancy rate continues to drop

More than 100,000 people demonstrated in France yesterday against the Corona policy in the country. About 18,000 people took to the streets in Paris alone.

The protest came based on a statement by President Macron earlier this week. In an interview with Le Parisien, he said he wanted to discourage unvaccinated people in order to convince them to get a vaccine. “I really want to get their nerves on the unvaccinated to the end,” he told the newspaper. “That’s the strategy.” Macron’s words led to a storm of criticism.

Although the vaccination rate in France is high (90 percent), the number of positive tests has risen sharply in recent weeks. On Wednesday, the country recorded a record number of positive tests: more than 330 thousand.

Sharpen to 2G

There is no lockdown in France; Only nightclubs are closed. However, people on the streets in the city center must wear a mouth mask. Moreover, the third generation policy applies in the country: people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative are allowed to go to the food industry and cultural institutions such as theaters and museums.

Macron wants to toughen these rules on second-generation politics. Then the negative test is no longer valid for Health pass. Parliament approved the second generation bill this week, and the Senate will vote on it next week.

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