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The survival sandbox multiplayer game Rust has sold over 12 million copies since its December 2013 release. This number likely includes both versions sold for PC and versions sold for Xbox One and PS4.

Developer Facepunch Studios Mildt In an update on Steam, 12.48 million copies of Rust have now been sold. It happened in just over eight years. So far, 1.11 million DLC packs have been sold for Rust. The company speaks of 2021 as an “exceptional year in all respects”.

The developer notes, among other things, that the game exploded on Twitch last year and that records were broken in terms of the number of players. The peak number of concurrent players online is 267,211. Since 245,243 players have been the heyday of Steam so far, the rest will come from consoles. The match came in the spring of 2021 Out for Xbox One and PS4.

Rust still has an active player base and was more popular last year than all previous years. peak 245.243 on Steam It was atypical. This was achieved in January 2021 and since then there have not been many concurrent players online. Last weekend, a peak of 153,000 was reached on Steam.

The survival game has the monthly regularity as the official servers are reset. Players must then start over by building a base, interfering with other players or not, and obtaining the blueprints needed to craft weapons.

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