Eva Genk takes on the role of a Kruidvat employee in Magderecht: ‘A long-awaited fantasy’ | Word

Eva Genk takes on the role of a Kruidvat employee in Magderecht: 'A long-awaited fantasy' |  Word

The Kruidvat branch in Mijdrecht recently made a special visit for a temporary employee. Eva Genk, perhaps the most famous broadcaster in the country, came to play for a day.

Jinek says on Instagram that she has had a ‘very specific imagination’ for at least thirteen years working at Kruidvat and primarily in the warehouse. She explains in rather vague terms: “This fantasy was born out of necessity and dragged me through many live broadcasts.”

Last week, that wish came true. She was allowed to spend a day at the Kruidvat branch on Raadhuisplein in Mijdrecht. Her message is accompanied by a photo of her in her Croydat costume, leaning on a supply cart amid shelves of detergent and shampoo.

Columnist Akyol Sees Genk’s Journey ‘Really Exciting’

Jinek’s post is now generating a large group of likes (nearly 13,000), much more than her other recent posts. Most of the feedback is positive. Singer Jim Bakum can laugh it off and say, “Great. That’s how I feel while working at a catering facility, so know this fiction.” AD columnist Ozkan Akyol puts on a smile with heart-shaped eyes and exclaims: ‘Really sexy’ .

Gijs Rademaker, the pollster at EenVandaag until recently, became very curious. “I want to know all about this. Without sarcasm.” What many followers are curious about is whether Jinek is ever asked to come to the cash register for help. “This of course is the ultimate sensation.”

“Is this something all of a sudden?”

The follower, who also worked for Kruidvat, can well imagine her motive. I’m mentally tired mainly from my job now. There is always only physical. Oh man, did you sleep well after that? ”Here and there people are wondering if walking in Jinek is also an option. A job swap is also suggested.

Some are awkward. For example, someone asks “whether this is surprising” and judges: “What an attention-grabbing and coquettish thing.” Another says that the day is really beautiful. “But if that’s really your job, it’s going to make a different sound.”

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