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PUBG developer Krafton has bought Swedish game studio The Ascent, the developer behind action RPG The Ascent. In the meantime, the studio is working on a first-person shooter set in an open game world. It is not known what amount the acquisition was involved in.

Crafton writes displaying its quarterly numbers It wants to finalize the acquisition of Neon Giant in the coming period. Crafton is the developer of PUBG: Battlegrounds Battle Royale. The company says at its quarterly meeting that the number of PUBG players has grown in particular since January of this year, because this game has since moved to a free-to-play model, comparable to the Fortnite competitor.

In the coming months, Crafton wants to “continue investing in development and services to launch a steady string of premium titles,” it wrote in its quarterly results. One of the most significant developments was the acquisition of Swedish studio Neon Giant. This studio is best known for The Ascent, an action RPG created by developers who previously worked on games like DOOM, Gears of War, and Far Cry. Neon Giant is currently working on an open-world first-person shooter, but the companies haven’t provided details on that yet.

Crafton goes on to say that he will partner with a “large Canadian studio” to develop an unreleased game called The bird that drinks tears for further development. Krafton is also working on a shooter shooter, multiplayer shooter and the successor to the adventure game Subnautica.

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