Research: A quarter wants to sell cryptocurrency at a return of 1,000 percent

Research: A quarter wants to sell cryptocurrency at a return of 1,000 percent

Market Researcher Multiscope has More than 4000 Dutch question. According to researchers, about 1.9 million Dutch people have invested in cryptocurrencies. On average, this relates to about 8 percent of the group’s free capital in cryptocurrencies.

On average, men own a little more wealth in cryptocurrency than women. That’s a difference of 2 percentage points (8 percent to 6 percent). Most investors are long term. They do not have a set amount or increase in value in mind that they would like to sell coins for.

Multiscope notes that people over 50 generally have the most money in crypto. On average, they spent 1360 euros per person. The group aged 18-34 and the group aged 35-49 invested an average of about €1,140. According to the researchers, the average investment in 2018 was still around 200 euros.

Three-quarters of cryptocurrency owners say they want to keep the coins in their possession for as long as possible. Others aim for a return of at least 1,000 percent. On average, young people are satisfied only when the value of their investments increases by 1970 percent. People over 50 are already happy to triple their investment.

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Recently, digital currencies have been under great pressure. This is mainly due to problems with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Ahead of the weekend, it was announced that FTX is requesting a payment deferral. Sam Bankman-Frieds’ crypto empire has begun to falter due to the devaluation of FTX’s special currency, FTT.

The cryptocurrency exchange suffered from liquidity issues as a result of the drop. Rival crypto exchange Binance then announced that it wanted to acquire FTX, but after due diligence, it refused to do so. At least $1 billion worth of FTX customers had disappeared without a trace.

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